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KALA RAKSHA products are sold at Kala Raksha Trust, Sumrasar Sheikh, ta. Bhuj, Kutch 370001.
To place order online, please contact us at info@kala-raksha.org. The details of products are available in above mentioned catalogs.

We also sell directly to retail customers at exhibitions held outside Kutch, and produce to order for buyers all over the world.

The fruits of KALA RAKSHA' s efforts are exquisitely hand embroidered, patched and appliqu�d garments, home furnishings, and accessories. Our range spans from salvar-kamizes (tunic and pant suits), world famous jackets, shawls and dupattas (scarves), to cozy patchwork quilts to toys, purses, gifts and leather table top.

KALA RAKSHA is committed to excellent quality and eco-friendly, natural materials. The Trust also strives to maximize local production, creating a network that benefits Kutchi artisans. Where local production is not possible, raw materials are procured from other artisan groups. Most of our textile products begin with 100% cotton and wool handloom. Our 100% matka silk is produced by a cooperative in Bihar.

The handloom fabric is dyed locally with natural dyes brewed from roots, flowers, leaves and fruits. Labor intensive, these dyes are beautiful and non harmful to the dyers and you.

Finally, our products are hand embroidered by KALA RAKSHA' s highly skilled women artisans in our hallmark subtle tonal color ways. The embroidery and patchwork motifs draw on the rich traditions of the artisans' native styles. Many designs are passed down from family members; some have been revived by inspiration from KALA RAKSHA' s permanent collection; some are the contemporary innovations that naturally evolve in vital, living traditions. Today, KALA RAKSHA also proudly markets work designed by artisan graduates of Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya.

Older women whose eyesight is waning turn their design skills to patchwork, made from cloths printed and vegetable dyed in the age-old patterns of local communities.

Although the patterns may be standard, each woman's hand is unique. Even as an artisan copies, she does so with her own interpretation and her own skills. For KALA RAKSHA artisans, the process of designing and producing is as important as the product

Pricing is done according to fair trade practices. We begin with the actual cost of wages, determined by the artisan Pricing Committee, along with the cost of materials and fabrication. To this is added a modest mark-up to cover all other indirect costs incurred by the Trust. Thus, on the average 30% of the price you pay goes directly to the embroidery or patchwork artisan who made the product.

Inquiries and Orders
For inquiries and order information, please contact us at info@kala-raksha.org.